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Executive Search Designed to Discover Elite Leaders in Mining


Executive Search For Exceptional Mining Leaders

We are an international executive search firm that identifies exceptional mining leaders who can help create value and propel your business forward. Combining a thorough mining sector understanding with agility, creativity, and personable care means we provide the most effective mining executive search solutions to execute your strategies and have a lasting impact on your organisation’s bottom line.


Equipped With Thorough Mining Sector Understanding

We match the most appropriate mining talent to your business-critical leadership roles at corporate locations, operational sites, development projects or exploration targets globally. Working for over a decade as a dedicated specialist with mining industry clients in the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia and around the world, our talent acquisition mapping and executive and leadership search services deliver results time after time.

Our Clients

News and Insights

February 19, 2024

IAMGOLD’s Côté Mine in Ontario to enter production next month

IAMGOLD’s majority-owned Côté gold mine in Sudbury, Ontario, is set to enter production in March, the Canadian gold miner reported on Thursday. The project entered 2023 with construction about 64% complete…
January 11, 2024

New children’s book aims to get girls into mining

Move over Dora the Explorer — another Latina heroine and adventurer is here and she’s ready to teach kids about mining.  Like Dora, Ana likes adventures and problem solving. But…
January 3, 2024

Gold price enters 2024 with sights set on record highs

Gold investors anticipate record high prices next year, when the fundamentals of a dovish pivot in US interest rates, continued geopolitical risk, and central bank buying are expected to support…

High-Impact Executive Talent Mapping

Having worked with dozens of mining companies in over 20 countries including the UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia, we know how time-consuming and costly executive search, leadership recruitment, and executive talent acquisition can be in the mining industry. That’s why when you work with us, we take time to understand the complexity of your business and the unique challenges facing your specific requirements.

Whether the assignment at hand is corporate or site-based, we adopt a partnership approach with the clients we represent, offering not just a quick fix but a solution that works for the long haul of your business.

We pride ourselves on our market knowledge built over the past decade. When it comes to executive search and leadership talent mapping in the mining industry, you need essential insights to make well-informed decisions. That’s where we come in. Whatever the question, we can help you find the answer.

If you’re ready to fill business and mission-critical roles that impact every facet of your operation and drive the success of your corporate future, then contact the team in the UK today.


We know that the right person in the right job can determine the future of any company.

If you would like to discuss how our search and selection process for senior-level and business-critical roles in mining can help you, send us an email, and let’s discuss how we can be of service to you. Whether you’re in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada or elsewhere around the world, we can find the right people with the skills to move your business forward.